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Customer Publications

Material Science

Dynamic fracture of graphite/epoxy composites stiffened by buffer strips; An experimental study, Composite Structures, Vol. 94, pp 3538-3545, (2012)
D. Lee, H. Tippur, P. Bogert

Static and dynamic flexural strength of 99.5% alumina: Relation to surface roughnessMechanics of Materials 54, 91-99, (2012)
A. Belenky and D. Rittel

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A. Belenky and D. Rittel

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K.C. Jajam, H. V. Tippur

On the dynamics of localization and fragmentation IV. Expansion of Al 6061-O tubes, International Journal of Fracture, Vol. 163, pp. 41-65, (2010)
H. Zhang and K. Ravi-Chandar,

Experimental validation of large-scale simulations of dynamic fracture along weak planes, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 36, pp. 888-898, (2009)
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M.S. Kirugulige, R. Kitey and H. Tippur

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H. V. Tippur, L. Xu

On the application of the optical method of caustics to the investigation of transient electrodynamic crack problems: Limits of the classical interpretation, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 0143-8166/90, (1990)
A. Rosakis, S. Krishnaswamy & H. Tippur

Scientific Imaging Methods

Metrological assessment of multi-sensor camera technology for spatially-resolved ultra-high-speed imaging of transient high strain-rate deformation processes, Strain, e12381, (2021)
A. Vinel, R. Seghir, J. Berthe, G Portemont, J. Rethore

Measurement of crack-tip and punch-tip transient deformations and stress intensity factors using Digital Gradient Sensing technique, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, (2013)
C. Periasamy, H. Tippur

Three-dimensional digital image correlation technique using single high-speed camera for measuring large out-of-plane displacements at high framing rates, Applied Optics, Vol. 49, No. 17, (2010)
M. Pankow, B. Justusson, A.M. Waas

Experimental study of dynamic crack growth in unidirectional graphite/epoxy composites using digital image correlation method and high speed photography, Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 43, No 19, (2009)
D. Lee, H. Tippur, M. Kirugulige, P. Bogert

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M.S. Kirugulige, H. Tippur

Measurement of transient deformations using digital image correlation method and high-speed photography: application to dynamic fracture, Applied Optics, Vol. 46, No. 22, pp. 5083-5096, (2007)
M. Kirugulige, H. Tippur, T. Denney

Particle image velocimetry and photoelasticity applied to the study of dynamic sliding along frictionally held bimaterial interfaces: Techniques and feasibility, Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 46, pp. 205-216, (2006)
Lykotrafitis, G., Rosakis, A.J., Ravichandran, G.

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Application of powdered tantalum material for explosively formed penetrator (EFP) warhead, 22nd International Symposium on Ballistics, (2005)
Kee, S.

Optical measurement of peak air shock pressures following explosions, Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics (2013)
McNesby, K., Biss, M., Benjamin, R., Thompson, R.

Experimental Mechanics

A Technique for High-Speed Microscopic Imaging of Dynamic Failure Events and Its Application to Shear Band Initiation in Polycarbonate , Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 89, pp. 041001-1-18, (2022)
P. Malhotra, S. Niu, V. Srivastava, P. R. Guduru

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A. Belenky and D. Rittel

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Particle velocimetry and photoelasticity applied to the study of dynamic sliding along frictionally held bi-material interfaces: Techniques and feasibility, Experimental Mechanics, Vol 46. Pp 205-216, (2006)
G. Lykotrafitis, A. Rosakis, G. Ravichanran

Dynamically propagating shear bands in impact-loaded prenotched plates – I. Experimental investigations of temperature signatures and propagation speed, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol. 44, pp 981-1006, (1996)
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Fluid Mechanics

Experimental investigation of converging shocks in water with various confinement materials, Shock Waves, Vol. 20, pp. 395-408, (2010)
Eliasson, V., Mello, M., Rosakis, A.J., Dimotakis, P.E.

Medical Research

Theoretical and experimental characterisation of magnetic microbubbles, Ultrasound Med Biol. Vol. 38, pp. 864-75, (2012)
Mulvaha, H., Eckersley, R.J., Tang, M.X., Pankhurst, Q., Stride, E.

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High-speed optical observations and simulation results of SonoVue microbubbles at low-pressure insonation, IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Control, Vol. 55, pp. 1333-42, (2008)
Chetty, K., Stride, E., Sennoga, C.A., Hajnal, J.V., Eckersley, R.J.,


Dynamic rupture experiments elucidate tensile crack development during propagating earthquake ruptures, Geology, Vol. 37, pp. 795-798 (2009)
Griffith, W.A., Rosakis, A.J., Pollard, D.D., Ko, C.W.