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overview image

Alternate frames of a 26 frame sequence taken at 2/3 million frames per second of an electrically detonated hand grenade. Sequence taken by a Model 126 Rotating Mirror Convertible Streak/Framing camera with the 26 frame module. Displayed rate is 6.5% of camera's capacity.


Cordin Systems are Appropriate for Your Needs if


bulletboxThe event is visually observable and can be detected or triggered bulletboxThe highest possible speed and resolution are required
bulletboxThe event dynamics are in the sub-millisecond or sub-microsecond time domain bulletboxA record length of some hundred or fewer frames is adequate

frameUnique Features of Framing Cameras
  • A framing camera captures an intermittent sequence of two dimensional images at very fast rates.
  • Cordin cameras operate in a burst mode. This means they capture a limited number of frames at very fast rates.
  • Cordin cameras use multiple independent imaging channels around a complex optical system.
  • There is no trade-off between speed and resolution.
  • Cordin cameras offer the fastest framing rates available.
streakUnique Features of Streak Cameras
  • A streak image is like a graph of one dimension of space over time.
  • A streak camera captures a thin line of image information continuously at very fast rates.
  • Cordin offers streak cameras using rotating mirror and image converter technologies.
  • Cordin image converter streak cameras capture light information in the picosecond time domain.
  • Cordin rotating mirror streak cameras capture images with a combination of speed and resolution unavailable anywhere else